Trainings for your employees

Every company functions mainly due to its employees and, consequently, their knowledge and abilities. In order to effectively put the competencies of your staff to good use, it is important to develop them gradually, by taking part in trainings, conferences and discussion forums.

The employee trainings are one of the fundamental long-term investments for the company. Due to the trainings, not only the abilities of employees are improved but also the effectiveness and productivity are increasing, which transfers to the profits growth.

Ensure safety

For over ten years we have been engaging actively in developing safety culture in a broad sense in every company, promoting a healthy and safe working system. We fulfil the duties of OHS services, support the existing OHS departments, consult and train.

Our best OHS and fire safety specialists, paramedics, engineers, psychologists and lawyers are at the disposal of our clients. Owing to that, we are certain that not only your company will fulfil the legal obligations but also the compliance with safety regulations will be your employees’ conscious choice.

Health promotion activities

A conscious and responsible business is more and more often directed towards issues related to health promotion and building the employees’ involvement by effective health management.

As a result of cooperation with us, you will receive a whole spectrum of tools and solutions, which will allow you to develop health promotion activities in your company. Owing to our health management specialists, psychologists, physiotherapists and paramedics, we are able to adapt to every task and to the specificities of the client.

IT services

Development in information technology is nowadays a fundamental condition for operation of every modern business. An up-to-date IT infrastructure should consist of services which can be combined freely, guaranteeing a reliable and efficient functioning. Therefore, the choice of a dependable partner who supports IT solutions is the key to success.

Our IT specialists will provide a professional consulting and comprehensive IT services in your company. Owing to the access to the most recent IT technologies and experienced specialists, we can offer the most optimal solutions.